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2,560 passports abandoned at Immigration office in Calabar - DAILY POST

JANUARY 11, 2022

The Comptroller of Immigration Service in Cross River State (CIS), Christopher Baikie, has said that Nigerians have abandoned no fewer than 2,560 international passports at their Nigeria Calabar office in Cross River State.

He spoke when he reeled out his achievements and challenges in the five months of his services as CIS in the state.

Passport Control Officer in the state, Mrs. Clementina Ogbundu, said the abandoned passports date back to 2019.

“We have 2,560 international passports uncollected in our Calabar office.

“Applicants will pay for it, go through all the processes but when the passports are ready for collection, they will not come back again for collection,” she said.

Despite the abandonment, she said new applicants were still coming up to book for new passports.

Baikie, who spoke earlier, disclosed that they repatriated a Cameroonian illegal immigrant last year.

The 24th CIS said they are very humane with immigrants going by the rules guiding their operations, adding that they are using the Public Relations approach with them.

“We have visited the immigrants associations and have encouraged their leaderships in parts of the state to sensitise those without proper documentations to regularise themselves.

“However, though we are allowed to bear arms, enforcement with arms is really not a priority.”


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