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Common Travel Area: What is it, and how can it help travellers without a passport? - INDEPENDENT

APRIL 15, 2023

Exclusive: You can travel where you wish within the CTA, but you are expected to carry some ID

by  Simon Calder  Travel Correspondent

Many travellers are concerned about potential delays in renewing their passports ahead of journeys this spring and summer.

five-week strike by members of the PCS union working at HM Passport Office is under way, with 1,000 staff on strike in a dispute over Civil Service pay.

In addition, the Home Office has revealed it has no intention of reducing the current advice that travellers should allow 10 weeks for passport issue or renewal.

Since Brexit, rules for entering the European Union have become more complex with stipulations on the maximum age of a passport on departure to the EU (10 years) and the minimum validity on the day of return (three months).

As a result, some travellers may feel they are unable to venture overseas because they cannot guarantee having a valid document.

Yet thanks to agreements stretching back a century, British travellers can venture without a passport (subject to the airline’s policy) anywhere within the Common Travel Area (CTA). This comprises one EU nation – Ireland – as well as the “Crown Dependencies” of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. You could think of the arrangement as a “Schengen Area for the British Isles”. The UK government says the CTA “underpinned the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement”.

These are the key questions and answers.

When and how did the CTA come into being?

The Common Travel Area is an open-borders agreement that predates such arrangements in Continental Europe. It has its origins in the border deals made in 1923 when formalising links between the newly created Irish Free State and the United Kingdom – comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It now also embraces the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey (including the smaller Channel Islands) and the Isle of Man, but not British Overseas Territories such as Gibraltar and Bermuda.

What benefits does it confer?

Numerically, by far the most significant benefits are for British and Irish citizens. They can “move freely between the UK and Ireland”. British citizens can work and take up residence in Ireland, and Irish citizens can do the same in the UK “without any requirement to obtain permission”. Professional qualifications are mutually recognised. And citizens of each country “have the right to access emergency, routine and planned publicly funded health services in each other’s state, on the same basis as citizens of that state”.

As a British citizen, what do I need to travel within the Common Travel Area?

To Ireland from Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland)

The Irish government says: “There is no requirement for Irish and British citizens to carry passports when travelling within the Common Travel Area.

“However, it is the case that airline carriers in many instances require all passengers to have a passport in their possession before allowing them to board aircraft. This is not an immigration requirement.”

Ryanair demands a passport for all travellers from Great Britain to Ireland. The airline says: “A valid passport is required for travel with Ryanair between Ireland and the UK. No exceptions will be made. Driving licences are not acceptable for travel with Ryanair between the UK and Ireland.”

British Airways says: “If you are a citizen of the UK or Republic of Ireland who was born in that country you do not need a passport to travel between the two countries but you do require some form of photographic identification, such as a driving licence. All other travellers require a valid passport to travel between the two countries.”

Aer Lingus says acceptable identification includes:

  • Valid passport or Irish passport card
  • Driver’s licence with photo
  • International student card
  • Government issued photo ID cards
  • Health insurance cards with photo/social security cards with photo
  • Bus pass with photo
  • Work ID with photo

Ferry companies follow the Aer Lingus policy, broadly.

To Ireland from Northern Ireland

The Irish government says: “For journeys on and across the island of Ireland, British and Irish citizens do not require any travel documents.”

To the Isle of Man

No passport necessary.

To the Channel islands

No passport necessary, but “All visitors do require some form of photographic identification”.

Air Peace to begin direct flights from Nigeria to Israel April 20, says envoy - THE CABLE

APRIL 16, 2023

Michael Freeman, Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, says direct flights from the country to Israel will begin on April 20, 2023.

Freeman, in an interview with NAN on Saturday, said the flight operations would be run twice weekly by Air Peace airline from Nigeria to Tel Aviv.

The Israeli envoy said the development was possible due to the support of the Nigeria’s government.

“On April 20, we will be starting direct air links between Israel and Nigeria; there will be twice weekly flights from Lagos, Abuja, and Tel Aviv with Air Peace airline,” Freeman said.

“This would not have been possible without efforts by the current administration. The ministers of aviation and foreign affairs were instrumental in making this happen.

“Now, it is important for us to make it clear that this government made this happen and we have to understand the positive differences these flights will make.

“At the moment, if you plan to fly to Israel, you have to go through Ethiopian, Turkish, or British airlines and experience 13 hours of delays overseas, whereas a direct flight is five hours and 20 minutes.

“The direct flights will do a number of things; especially, they will bring our countries closer together. “

Freeman also assured that the Israeli mission in Nigeria would work closely with the federal government to deepen diplomatic ties between the two nations.

He said Israel with its holy land and 3,000 years of history had been playing host to Christian, Muslim, and Judaism pilgrimage.

The envoy added that business relations between both countries would also improve since Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and Israel is known for thriving businesses.

According to Freeman, the air transportation link will strengthen business opportunities, increase tourism potential, and enhance foreign currency flow to Nigeria as well.


“There are lots of areas where Israel and Nigeria can work together. I think the most important is in the area of human capital development,” he said.

“45 percent of Israel’s GDP comes from human capital and high-tech innovation. It is noteworthy that Israel is a country with no natural resources, but relies on human capital.

“In other areas such as agriculture, I believe that Israel and Nigeria can work together to create millions of jobs.

“Another area is homeland security. We can talk about education, health, and high-tech.

“New programmes will be developed by Nigerian innovators given  programme mentorship. Nigeria is a country with potential that I have ever seen.”

Freeman said Israel — a country with huge potential — is eager to share its knowledge and expertise with Nigeria.


He also expressed confidence that the incoming leadership in Nigeria “under Bola Tinubu will improve the lives” of citizens.



Corroborating Freeman’s disclosure on the development, Air Peace, Nigeria’s flag carrier, said scheduled flights operations to Israel would commence next Thursday.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, the airline announced bookings for flights from Nigeria to Tel Aviv.

“Are you ready for Israel kick-off? Save the date — April 20, 2023. Direct, non-stop flight connectivity to Tel Aviv from Lagos and Abuja,” Air Peace tweeted.

Last year, the airline had announced it readiness to operate direct flights to the Middle East nation.

Airline Startup Of The Week: Nigeria's NG Eagle Granted AOC - SIMPLY FLYING

APRIL 16, 2023

Another Nigerian startup airline claims to have received its air operator's certificate. Nigerian Eagle (operating as NG Eagle) airline is even reported to be in the running to act as a national carrier following litigation preventing Nigeria Air from taking to the skies.

NG Eagle, based at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, is a new startup airline formed partially from assets belonging to Arik Air. The prospective carrier is a 22 billion naira ($53 million) airline startup project by the state-owned Asset Management Corporation (AMCON). Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, however, has yet to confirm the Nigerian media reports that startup NG Eagle has finally been granted an air operator's certificate (AOC).

What is the latest on an operating certificate?

When reached by Nigeria's LEADERSHIP publication, Alex Nwuba, President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Nigeria, alleged NG Eagle had received an AOC for domestic operations, adding the airline was "potentially Nigeria Air," referencing the stalled national carrier. Government officials were more hesitant to confirm the news. When reached by ch-aviation, NCAA Spokesperson Sam Adurogboye said on Thursday, "I am not aware of an AOC to NG Eagle."

Discover more aviation news with Simple Flying.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) recently proposed amendments to civil aviation regulations. The motion would entail changing several processes, including acquiring and renewing Aircraft Operating Charters.

Where did it come from?

The startup carrier is a project of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), a department of the Federal Government designed specifically for the recovery of debts. There are reports that NG Eagle began with assets repossessed from one of AMCON's other assets, Arik Air, which was acquired in February 2017 due to "mismanagement" and significant debt.

The Nigerian National Assembly ruled in February 2022 declared NG Eagle would not be certified until Arik Air offsets an outstanding debt of 10.8 billion naira ($24.8 million). Unions in the country were divided on the subject as some argued it would increase employment in a country where the aviation industry is facing a lack of job opportunities instead of a shortage of pilots.

The Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals and the National Union of Pensioners warned the NCAA against granting NG Eagle its Air Operators Certificate based on the debt Arik Air owes the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. Other unions have insisted that there is "no correlation between the legacy debt and the issuance of AOC by the regulatory body." The opposing unions described the call as provocative and irresponsible, citing that the two unions in question do not have members in Arik Air or NG Eagle.

The Chief Executive Officer of Arik Air, Captain Roy Ilegbodu, in a 2021 interview with AirInsight in Lagos, highlighted that the AMCON-owned airline NG Eagle is an entirely different entity from Arik Air (also owned by AMCON) as there is no connection between both airlines. Ilegbodu explained to the paper that the fact that two Arik aircraft livery were painted in NG Eagle colors was because the assets were mortgaged for a loan, and the owners (AMCON) took possession of their assets:

In reality, there is no connection between the two. That said, you are aware that NG Eagle is solely owned by AMCON and of course you know that Arik Air itself is in receivership and the receivership was instituted by AMCON which is based on the fact that Arik owes significant sums of money to AMCON"

A third Boeing 737 belonging to Arik Air has since been spotted sighted at Ethiopian Airlines' Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, awaiting rebranding into the NG Eagle fleet.

Kenya Airport Runway Closed After Singapore Cargo Plane Incident -

APRIL 17, 2023

BY  Eric Ombok and Anurag KotokyBloomberg News

(Bloomberg) -- Kenyan authorities reopened the only runaway at the nation’s main airport after removing a Singapore Airlines Ltd. cargo plane that aborted a takeoff.

“The plane has been removed from the runway albeit an hour later than we expected,” Kenya’s Transport Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen said on Twitter. “Flights will resume shortly,” he said.

The Singapore Airlines-operated Boeing Co. 747 plane, which was en route to Amsterdam, stopped on the runway about 35 minutes after starting to taxi, data from Flightradar24.com showed. 

The aircraft “experienced a technical issue with one of its engines,” a spokesperson for the airline said. “The aircraft’s crew safely stopped the aircraft before take-off. Some of the aircraft’s tires, however, deflated as it came to a stop on the runway,” the spokesperson said. 

Singapore Airlines worked with the airport authorities to move the aircraft from the runway. The process of moving the plane required evacuating 100 tons of cargo and replacing damaged tires, Murkomen said. 

Aviation Unions Vow Total Airports Shutdown After 7 Days - DAILY TRUST

APRIL 20, 2023

The striking aviation unions on Tuesday vowed to have a total shutdown of the airports after seven days as they staged a procession to the…

 By Abdullateef Aliyu

The striking aviation unions on Tuesday vowed to have a total shutdown of the airports after seven days as they staged a procession to the international wing of the Murtala Muhammad International Airport (MMIA).

Security operatives also took over the venue of the protest where the unions converged on Monday, the first day of their two-day warning strike when the barricaded access roads.

The unions comprising the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE); Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN), Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals (ANAP) and the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Employees (NAAPE) are demanding implementation of conditions of service, halt in demolition of aviation agencies’ offices in Lagos, payment of relocation allowances, among others.

The activities at all the agencies including the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) were paralysed as their offices were locked.

General Secretary of ANAP, Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu who spoke at the MMIA said, “After seven days, we go to a total shutdown, we will try to cut Nigeria away from other countries.”

He said, “For eight years, conditions of service were not implemented. Sirika usurped the functions of the governing boards, there is no check and balance.

“They wanted to coerce us to come to Abuja, but we didn’t go to the meeting. No conclusions, no genuine meeting with the government.”

The Federal Ministry of Aviation had on Monday urged the workers to embrace dialogue rather than industrial action.

Change of British High Commissioner to Nigeria - GOV.UK

APRIL 20, 2023

Dr Richard Montgomery CMG has been appointed British High Commissioner to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in succession to Ms Catriona Laing CB.

Dr Richard Montgomery CMG has been appointed British High Commissioner to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in succession to Ms Catriona Laing CB who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Mr Montgomery will take up his appointment during April 2023.

Curriculum Vitae

Full name: Richard Hugh Montgomery

Married to: Naheed Bilgrami

Children: Two

 >2015 to 2018

2018 to 2022
Department for International Development (DFID), Director, Asia, Caribbean & Overseas Territories (AsCOT) Division
2013 to 2015Islamabad, Counsellor (Development) and Head of Office, DFID Pakistan
2009 to 2013Abuja, Counsellor (Development) and Head of Office, DFID Nigeria
2006 to 2009DFID, Deputy Director and Head of Corporate Human Resources, and Head of Security, East Kilbride
2005 to 2006DFID, Deputy Team Leader, Top Management Group
2002 to 2005Lusaka, Deputy Head, DFID Zambia
1999 to 2002Dhaka, Senior Social Development Adviser, DFID Bangladesh
1996 to 1999New Delhi, Social Development Adviser, DFID India
1993 to 1996Swansea University, Lecturer in International Development, Centre for Development Studies
1992 to 1993Manchester University, Research, Institute for Development Policy & Management
1992GKW Consult Mannheim, Sociologist
1988 to 1991University of Cambridge, Doctorate (Ph.D) in Social Anthropology

Italy mulls direct flights to Nigeria, says envoy - THE NATION

APRIL 20, 2023

The Italian government will soon launch direct flights from Italy to Nigeria, its Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stefano De Leo, has said.

“We plan to open an Italian trade agency in Lagos and, hopefully, soon launch direct flights between Italy and Nigeria,” De Leo said.

The Italian envoy spoke moments after signing an agreement with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on behalf of the Italian news agency, Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) in Abuja.

The ambassador said the direct flights from Italy to Nigeria would boost the economic ties between the two countries.

De Leo added that the flights would lay the conditions for opening up other opportunities that would be mutually beneficial to both Italy and Nigeria in the near future.

“We are working closely with my colleague, the Ambassador of Nigeria to Italy, Mr Mfawa Abam. Today is a positive day because it signifies an important step towards improving the already excellent relations between both countries,” the envoy said.

The envoy said the agreement would see the two news agencies sharing information and knowledge.

According to him, the agreement will also see ANSA providing training to NAN’s newsroom manpower.

He described the agreement as a major development, especially in view of the fact that it involves “a partner such as Nigeria, the giant of Africa”.

Managing Director, NAN, Buki Ponle, described the agreement as a step in the right direction as it would unveil great possibilities for news exchange between both agencies.

Ponle added that NAN is the country’s largest content provider and national purveyor of information, with 36 state offices and 26 district offices.

He said the news agency’s focus was Nigeria, with Africa as the centerpiece of its reportage.

“The signing of the news exchange agreement with ANSA marks another defining phase in our continued engagements with like-minded institutions.

“It is my hope and belief that this landmark event will signal the beginning of a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

“To leverage its octopoidal reach, NAN has news exchange partnerships with leading international wire agencies such as Reuters (UK); Deutsch Presse-Agentur (Germany); Xinhua (China); and Sputnik (Russia).

“Others are Yonhap (South Korea); Asian News International (India); Anadolu (Turkey); and Bulgaria News Agency (Bulgaria).

“This is just a chip of the global experiences we are bringing into the partnership agreement with ANSA aimed at fostering a new and positive order in global reportage,” he said.

NAN reports that the managing director of NAN signed the agreement for NAN while the Italian ambassador signed on behalf of ANSA at the NAN headquarters in Abuja.

US Home Prices Fall Most in a Decade But Still Far From Affordable - BLOOMBERG

APRIL 20, 2023

(Bloomberg) -- US housing prices are finally starting to come down, but not nearly enough for many aspiring buyers struggling to break into the market.

The median selling price of a previously owned home clocked in at $375,700 in March. That’s 0.9% below its year-ago level, marking the largest decline since 2012, data from the National Association of Realtors showed Thursday.

But the drop follows a rapid run-up in prices starting in 2020, when borrowing costs were historically low and Americans frenetically moved to suburban areas during the pandemic.

Prices peaked in the middle of last year when mortgage rates started to jump, but they’re still far above pre-pandemic levels due to limited supply. There were 980,000 homes for sale last month, hovering near a record low in data back to 1999, Thursday’s report showed.

That’s leading to multiple offers on especially entry-level homes, NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said on a call with reporters. It’s also increasingly pushing buyers to new construction.

Read more: US Home Resales Resume Slide After Surprise February Advance

On a monthly basis, prices actually increased — the first back-to-back gains since the middle of last year — across both single- and multi-family homes.

“The overall trend for both categories, however, still points to a cooling market, with prices having peaked,” Barclays Plc analyst Colin Johanson said in a note.

Prices in the West fell 7.5% from March 2022, while they ticked up in other regions.

Sudan Fighting: Trapped Nigerian students call for help - PREMIUM TIMES

APRIL 20, 2023

“We from the IUA and the students that live around IUA experienced the worst day of our lives and this is because the RSF base is right behind the male and female hostels and most of the attacks that were launched were on us. For three days and nights, we have witnessed this rough scenario,” he narrated.

By Chiamaka Okafor

Nigerian students have appealed to the Nigerian government to evacuate them from Sudan where fighting between the military and a para-military force has killed hundreds of people.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how fighting erupted in the capital city, Khartoum, on Saturday between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) over political power in the crisis torn country.

The Nigerian students on Wednesday in a memo by their association said they were stranded, with no access to basic needs.

“Fear, panic and desperation are one of the few emotions we are currently feeling. Our lives are not safe,” Sumyyah Yusuf, a second year medical student at Sudan International University in Khartoum, said to PREMIUM TIMES.

Ms Yusuf said it had become difficult to access anything, including food, water, and electricity because it is unsafe to go out and most stores are either shut or empty.

She said they (students) were trying to stay in touch with each other through social media. Although they had received a memo from the Nigerian embassy in Sudan reassuring them, she said “we need more action.”

Ms Yusuf said she wants Nigeria “to get its nationals out of here (Sudan), swiftly and safely.”

Sadiq Haruna, an Islamic Studies graduate from the International University of Africa, Khartoum confirmed the students have no way of confirming if the memo was from the Nigerian embassy in Sudan.

He said the condition where he lives, “is a little bit better” after they had witnessed the worst days of their lives.

“We from the IUA and students that live around IUA experienced the worst day of our lives and this is because the RSF base is right behind the male and female hostels and most of the attacks that were launched were on us. For three days and nights, we witnessed this rough scenario,” he narrated.

According to Mr Haruna, female students had been evacuated by the university from their hostels to staff accomodations for safety.

He added that the students had also come under several forms of attacks including theft. He said some students were moving to parts of the country that are relatively peaceful.

According to news reports, the fighting is happening in major cities like Khartoum and Merowe.

Mr Haruna appealed to the government to come to their rescue as it did to Nigerian students in Ukraine.

“It is taking time and we do not want to lose anyone but we are on the verge…,” he appealed.

This reporter heard the sound of gunshots in the backgroung while speaking with Mr Haruna.

Nigerian government speaks

However, the federal government through the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), had early Thursday said it received the letter from the students’ association.

NIDCOM in a statement signed by Gabriel Odu assured that the National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA) was consulting with the Nigerian mission in Sudan and other relevant agencies .

It urged all Nigerian Students in Sudan as well as Nigerians living in thecountry to be security conscious and calm.

An official copy of the memo the students spoke about was seen by PREMIUM TIMES in a WhatsApp group “Nigerian Community in Sudan.”

It was shared by a user who signed off their messages with ‘ambassador’ but gave no names.

The Embassy in the letter, appealed to Nigerian nationals to exercise caution and restraint, noting that it is in touch with all the relevant stakeholders in Khartoum and Abuja, respectively, for protection and well-being of Nigerians in Sudan.

“The Embassy is making plans for possible evacuation of Nigerian Nationals with approval of the Federal Government of Nigeria as soon as the situation allows it and you will be communicated in due course,” the letter said.

The memo attributed to the ambassador urged nations to stay safe and be wary of fake news circulating in social media, adding that the Embassy will keep a close contact with the leadership of all the Nigerian Union for further consular assistance and updates.

Sudan fighting

The fighting between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary RSF has entered its sixth day after four failed ceasefire attempts.

At least 300 people have died in the fighting and almost 3,200 more have been wounded in Khartoum, the western region of Darfur and other states, Ahmed Al-Mandhari of the World Health Organisation says.

SpaceX giant rocket explodes minutes after launch from Texas - AP

APRIL 20, 2023

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (AP) — SpaceX’s giant new rocket exploded minutes after blasting off on its first test flight Thursday and crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Elon Musk’s company was aiming to send the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built on a round-the-world trip from the southern tip of Texas, near the Mexican border. The nearly 400-foot (120-meter) Starship carried no people or satellites.

Images showed several of the 33 main engines were not firing as Starship climbed from the launch pad, reaching as high as 24 miles (39 kilometers). There was no immediate word from SpaceX on how many engines failed to ignite or shut down prematurely.

The booster was supposed to peel away from the spacecraft three minutes after liftoff, but that didn't happen. Rather, the rocket with the spacecraft still attached began to tumble and then exploded, plummeting into the water.

Instead of a best-case-scenario 1 1/2-hour flight with the spacecraft taking a lap around the world, the whole thing lasted four minutes. It reached a maximum speed of about 1,300 mph (2,100 kph).

Throngs of spectators watched from South Padre Island, several miles away from the Boca Chica Beach launch site, which was off-limits. As Starship lifted off with a thunderous roar, the crowd screamed: “Go, baby, go!”

Musk, in a tweet, called it “an exciting test launch of Starship! Learned a lot for next test launch in a few months.”

In the weeks leading up to the flight, Musk gave 50-50 odds that the spacecraft would reach orbit and not end up in what SpaceX calls a “rapid unscheduled disassembly.” He said not blowing up the launch pad would be a win.

“You never know exactly what’s going to happen," said SpaceX livestream commentator and engineer John Insprucker. “But as we promised, excitement is guaranteed and Starship gave us a rather spectacular end.”

The company intends to use Starship to send people and cargo to the moon and, eventually, Mars. NASA has reserved a Starship for its next moonwalking team, and rich tourists are already booking lunar flybys.

Despite the abbreviated flight, congratulations poured in from NASA chief Bill Nelson and others in the space industry. Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted, “Huge accomplishment, huge lessons, onwards to the next attempt."

"It fell somewhere between a small step and their hoped-for giant leap, but it still represents significant progress toward a reusable super-heavy lift rocket,” University of Chicago’s Jordan Bimm, a space historian, said in an email.

At 394 feet and nearly 17 million pounds of thrust, Starship easily surpasses NASA’s moon rockets — past, present and future. NASA successfully launched its new 322-foot (98-meter) moon rocket last November on a test flight, sending the empty Orion capsule around the moon.

The stainless steel Starship rocket is designed to be fully reusable with fast turnaround, dramatically lowering costs, similar to what SpaceX’s smaller Falcon rockets have done soaring from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Nothing was to be saved from this test flight, with the spacecraft — if all had gone well — aiming for a watery grave in the Pacific near Hawaii.

The futuristic spacecraft flew several miles into the air during testing a few years ago, landing successfully only once. But this was to be the inaugural launch of the first-stage booster with 33 methane-fueled engines.

SpaceX has more boosters and spacecraft lined up for more test flight; the next set is almost ready to go. Musk wants to fire them off in quick succession, so he can start using Starships to launch satellites into low-Earth orbit and then put people on board.

It was the second launch attempt. Monday’s try was scrapped by a frozen booster valve.

Jason and Lisa Flores drove down from Corpus Christi to watch the launch with their daughter, and noticed something was amiss.

Lisa Flores cried seeing the liftoff and then realized, “It’s not working out the way it was supposed to.”

Elizabeth Trujillo, 13, wearing a “Star Wars” shirt and carrying toy binoculars, skipped school to see the launch from the beach with her mother and other relatives. The crowd cheered when Starship cleared the tower.

Despite the failed attempt, “it was worth it,” said Jessica Trujillo, Elizabeth’s mother. “Just hearing and seeing the view, the excitement of the crowd, it was priceless.”

“Practice makes perfect. They just got to practice some more,” she added.


AP reporter Valerie Gonzalez contributed.


The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science and Educational Media Group. The AP is solely responsible for all content.

Marcia Dunn, The Associated Press


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