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Berlin Airport Briefly Halts Flights as Protesters Occupy Runway - BLOOMBERG

NOVEMBER 24, 2022

(Bloomberg) -- Berlin’s airport briefly halted take-offs and landings Thursday evening after climate protesters broke through the airfield’s security perimeter and occupied the runway. 

“Several people” were on the airfield as of 5.35 p.m. local time, Berlin Brandenburg Airport said on its official Twitter account. In an update, the airport said flights had resumed but with delays. 

Letzte Generation, a group that argues governments, businesses and citizens aren’t doing enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions, issued a statement saying its activists were responsible. 

“While some of them are glued to the asphalt, others are riding bicycles across the maneuvering area, bringing air traffic to a standstill,” the group said on its website. “Shortly before entering the airport premises, they informed the police of their plans via an emergency call.”

Letzte Generation, or Last Generation in English, has conducted a series of protests in recent days including at a symphony concert in Hamburg, where according to media reports activists glued themselves to the conductor’s podium. 


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