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Britons face two-hour waits at passport control after Brexit transition period - THE INDEPENDENT UK

NOVEMBER 24, 2020

“But for whatever reason it is clear from the summit that after 45 years of membership they are not willing – unless there is some fundamental change of approach – to offer this country the same terms as Canada.

“And so with high hearts and complete confidence we will prepare to embrace the alternative.

“And we will prosper mightily as an independent free trading nation, controlling our own borders, our fisheries, and setting our own laws.”

At the ETOA event, Mr Jenkins noted that initially there will be no change to the rules for EU citizens entering the UK.

He said: “Vice-versa won’t really be too much of a problem, because the UK has made it clear that they’re not going to change procedure at all.

“There is an irony in taking back control and then imposing no new controls.”

Last month the home secretary, Priti Patel, said: "When the transition period ends, we will have control of our borders and will deliver our new firmer and fairer points based immigration system.

“Our firm and fair approach will treat people from every part of the world equally.”

From October 2021, all EU visitors to the UK will require a passport rather than a national identity card.

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