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CNN host laments after paying $215 for entry visa into Nigeria - THE GUARDIAN

APRIL 09, 2024

Popular CNN International Correspondent, Larry Madowo, has expressed displeasure after he was charged $215 (N268,554) for a one-month single entry visa to Nigeria.

Madowo disclosed this in a video posted on his X handle on arrival in Nigeria.

The 36-year-old, who is the host of the African Voices Changemakers and Playmakers series, described the money he had to pay as too much.

“So I’m back in Lagos actually I was here three weeks ago and one more time I’ve been charged $215 for a one-month single entry visa and here is the thing, the visa cost $25.

“But Nigeria charges you $170 for biometrics every single time. And then for a good measure, another $20 for processing.

“So make it make sense for me: my finger prints have not changed since I was here three weeks ago. Why am I paying another $170 for biometrics? And after that, I’ve been here three different times in 2024 so that’s $645 that Nigeria has made from me.

"It’s too much! It’s plenty money and these visas are giving me problems. I want to come back many more times, but how can we talk about borderless Africa when Africans are getting charged $215 for visas?”

He explained that he had gone to Uganda and South Africa and Ghana on a Kenyan passport but did not need visas to go to the three countries but every time he comes to Nigeria he must part with $215.


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