‘Desperate’ Nigerian threatens to stab UK immigration officials unless he’s deported immediately - PUNCH

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

A Nigerian man, Oluwaleke Yisa, has been charged to a UK court and jailed for eight weeks for threatening to stab officials at the Home Office in London, while demanding to be deported to Nigeria immediately.

According to Daily Mail, he had walked into a London immigration centre with a knife in his bag and after he was asked some started questions, by an official, he had shouted, “I want to leave this f*****g country.”

Yisa was sentenced to jail on Thursday.

Describing the incident last month, the prosecutor, Nicholas Mesure told the court,  “Mr Yisa left his bag behind as he went through security. Nobody bothered to make sure the bag was searched.

“He went up to the counter and spoke to a member of staff. She asked him some of the standard questions, and he became very irritated and aggressive as the questions progressed.

“He then said things like “I want to leave this f*****g country.”

That was when his bag was searched and the knife was discovered.

Mesure told the court that Yisa had admitted that he had intended to stab people.

“He told the police that he was homeless.

“He said he had been living in a church and had been thrown out of the church. He made it quite clear he did not want to be in the United Kingdom any longer. He hasn’t been served deportation papers. I do not think immigration is treating him as a priority case,” Mesure stated.

Yisa has been advised to contact the Nigerian embassy, while he is in jail.


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