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Hardship forcing Nigeria into more debt, says cleric - PUNCH

DECEMBER 04, 2023

By Ayoola Olasupo

A pastor of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, LAWNA Territory, Dr Senior Uyeh, has prayed for a quick revival of the country’s economy to regain its position as an egalitarian society in the comity of nations.

Uyeh called for prayers for the country, saying the current economic downturn had made the country more indebted to many other nations of the world.

This was contained in his address at the World Press Conference during his (Uyeh) induction as the 6th Territorial Chairman of the Lagos, Western and Northern Areas and Vice President of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, held on Friday at Olorunda Ketu in Lagos.

He said that the duty of the church as a non-partisan one was to continue to pray for the leaders in the country for God to help them in taking the right decision that would help Nigeria.

Uyeh noted that under his watch, there would be no room for tribalism, nepotism, clannishness, and materialism, which according to him, were the attributes of the Early Apostolic Church, adding that the church would no longer allow devourers.

Part of his speech read, “Nigeria used to be the pride of Africa. Unfortunately, the economic downturn has left us with no option but to continuously borrow from nations of the world. But I believe that Nigeria will rise again. I see a greater Nigeria ahead of us. As a non-partisan Church, we have to continue to pray for our leaders in this country, that God should help them to do the right things.

“For this administration, the Lord has laid a burden in my heart to RAISE the standards of the old Apostolic Christianity and identity that most of our youths, who make up the largest number of members of the church today, do not know.

“He has commanded me to raise the banner of holiness through the cleansing of the Temple. You remember that the work of cleansing was one of the major assignments Christ did in the temple while he was on earth.”


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