How to tackle gridlock, port congestion, by terminal chief - THE NATION

MAY 15, 2019

 by Muyiwa Lucas

Only a holistic approach to Apapa gridlock and port congestion will resolve the menace, Managing Director, APM Terminal (APMT), Martins Jacob has said.

According to him, the major challenges are lack of access and, bad roads and the absence of an efficient traffic management system.

He also said identifying and allowing only truckers with valid transactions into the port as well as monitoring and removing idling or broken down trucks from the roads were a challenge.

“Poor state of trucks coming to the port, which makes it difficult to service them, cause a number of breakdowns affecting the terminal operations. Fatigue on the part of the drivers after the long wait on the port access road also has potential to cause accident leading to more gridlock,” he said.

Jacob stressed that “absence of pre-advised information on container visit through the state to the quay” was also a major challenge that needed to be tackled. He explained that APMT’s clearance system was fully automated, adding that it only resorted to manual for only about two hours, some weeks ago when they had minor challenges.

“Sometimes we stop transaction when the outbound traffic is not moving. APM Terminals is a company that designs, builds and operates port and terminal facilities. It also provides cargo inland services for cargo transportation between port facilities and inland locations, as well as other associated cargo handling functions,” he said.

Jacob, who spoke while meeting with the Senate Committee on Works, assured the committee of his company’s cooperation with efforts aimed at solving the Apapa gridlock and congestion.

He said that was why the firm welcomed the idea of using the Lilypond Terminal as a temporary holding bay for trucks, an initiative he noted was yielding positive results.


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