Lagos takes steps to reduce exports rejection - THE NATION

MARCH 15, 2019

Lagos State government yesterday said it is taking steps to reduce food exports rejection and promote consumers safety.

Globally, the main reasons for food rejection include detection of antibiotics, crop protection products and other harmful chemicals, cold-chain breaks during transportation which increase the chances for bacteria to develop.

Speaking with reporters  after  a farmers sensitisation programme on agro-processing enhancement and livelihood improvement support (APPEALS) project in Lagos,  the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Olayiwola Onasanya said the state is prepared to ensure  good agricultural practices and food for agricultural producers who want to export or sell to international retail chains, especially local rice and fish.

Among the steps taken by the state is encouraging  traceability  and empowering the Ministry’s  produce department to ensure sufficient food and farm produce testing results to meet sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.

He said domestic producers shouldnot forget that food safety is vital  even within the Lagos market.


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