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Mexico Declares State of Alert for Power Grid Amid Heat Wave - BLOOMBERG

MAY 19, 2024

by Jose OrozcoBloomberg News

(Bloomberg) -- Mexico’s power grid operator Cenace declared an operational state of alert on Saturday, indicating the system’s available power is lagging below adequate levels.  

The grid alert is nationwide, according to a statement published on its website. 

Temperatures on Saturday in almost the entire country were expected to reach at least 35C (95F), with several states reaching 45C (113F), according to Mexico’s meteorological service. 

Cenace declared states of alert and emergency earlier this month after several Mexican cities suffered blackouts amid a heat wave.

State electricity company CFE denied earlier this week there was a power crisis in Mexico. The country’s power needs for the next five years are guaranteed because of upgrades and construction of several plants, CFE deputy director of hiring and services Miguel Lopez said.


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