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‘Nigerian Poultry Industry On The Brink Of Collapse’ - NIGERIA TRIBUNE

JANUARY 13, 2021

By Nurudeen Alimi

THE Nigerian poultry industry is said to be on the verge of collapse if poultry farmers are not given the necessary support by the government of the day. Recall that farmers in the country have been battling with the high cost of feeds due to scarcity of maize.

A major stakeholder in the Nigerian poultry industry and Chairman, Folhope Nigerian Limited, Chief Emmanuel  Folorunsho Ogunnaike (MFR), while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune, in his office, stated that:” Honestly speaking,  since the history of Nigeria, we have never had it this bad. In 1983, we came across so many crises and it was not as bad as this. Personally speaking, I have never experienced this kind of problem in my life. “I think the causes are many;  harsh weather is an integral part.

But the major problem militating against success in farming is the militant’s problem. Just like the 43 farmers killed while orking on their rice farm in Maiduguri in November 2020. “The nation is facing the danger of famine, hunger, and insecurity. We can say we should pray, but God cannot be mocked. Prayers are hardly answered where the blood of innocent people is being shed. “What we are having in this country to the best of my knowledge show that we are the enemies of ourselves because I believe that those killing innocent farmers are not foreigners. If we have part of them as  foreigners, the locals among them are aiding them.”

While speaking on the possible way out of the challenges, Ogunnaike noted that:” The solution is not in sight soon. Let us say government want to import maize, at what price considering the exchange rate? will this be except they can give  poultry farmers special grant that is foreign exchange, at a reduced price to import maize and soya, probably the solution can be found?”

He further stated:” Many people took a loan to go into poultry production, with the situation of things now, how they are going to pay back the loan obtained from the bank I do not know. “If the problem persists, I foresee poultry farmers losing down between now and March, the leftover would be so meagre. It is a very hopeless situation but may God see  us through.”


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