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Emirates Airlines to resume immediate flights to Nigeria - REUTERS

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

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ABUJA, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Emirates Airlines will resume immediate flight schedules to Nigeria and lift a visa ban on Nigerian travellers, following a meeting between the leaders of the two countries, the Nigerian presidency said on Monday.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President of the United Arab Emirates Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan met on Monday in Abu Dhabi to lift the visa ban and agree on new investments into Africa's largest economy.

Tinubu stopped in Abu Dhabi on his way from G20 summit in India, where he wooed investors to Nigeria.

Last month Tinubu said he wanted an immediate resolution to the disagreements with Emirates Airlines and visa issues by the Arab country.

The UAE stopped issuing visas to Nigerians last year after Dubai's Emirates suspended flights due to an inability to repatriate funds from Nigeria. Etihad Airlines had also stopped flights to Nigeria.

"As negotiated between the two Heads of State, this immediate restoration of flight activity, through these two airlines and between the two countries, does not involve any immediate payment by the Nigerian government," the president's spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale said in a statement.

Nigeria, Africa's top oil producer, faces dollar shortages which has made it difficult for some foreign airlines that sold tickets in the Nigerian naira currency to get money out of the country.

Tinubu has embarked on the country's boldest reforms in decades, which investors have welcomed. The Nigerian leader has scrapped a popular but costly petrol subsidy and also lifted currency restrictions to devalue the naira.

But liquidity has yet to return on the official market with the naira quoted at a premum on the black market.

Ngelale said Tinubu negotiated a new foreign exchange liquidity program between the two governments and that details will be announced in the coming weeks.

He said both leaders have established a framework for new investments involving several billions of dollars into the Nigerian economy across multiple sectors, including defense, agriculture and others, by UAE's investment arms, Ngelale said.

Reporting by Chijioke Ohuocha and Felix Onuah Editing by David Evans, Peter Graff and Richard Chang

United Nigeria Airlines Eyes US & UK Flights But Regulatory Approvals Will Be Difficult - SIMPLY FLYING

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023


The carrier has received local permission to fly to the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

  •  United Nigeria Airlines has been granted local approval to operate intercontinental flights to the US, UK, UAE, and other countries.
  •  Before beginning non-stop services, the carrier must complete several processes, including obtaining permission and necessary documentation from civil aviation authorities.
  •  It will be challenging for United Nigeria Airlines to secure regulatory approval and acquire proper licensing to begin flights to the US and Europe. The carrier also needs to acquire appropriate aircraft for these services.

Nigeria's government has granted privately-owned carrier United Nigeria Airlines (UNA) approval to launch flights to the United States, the United Kingdom, and four other countries. However, foreign regulatory approval will be difficult, as the carrier must complete several processes before these services begin.

Approval to operate intercontinental flights

UNA received a letter on September 10 from Hassan Ejinubu, the Director of Air Transport Management in the Nigerian Ministry of Aviation. The carrier has been given the green light to operate scheduled flights to the US, the UK, the UAE, the Netherlands, Italy, and Ireland.

This is an effort by the authorities to utilize the Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) between Nigeria and each of these countries. The West African nation currently has direct connections with some countries stated in the letter, but flights are operated by foreign carriers. Part of the letter read;

"I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Aug. 2, 2023, on the above subject and convey the minister's approval for the designation of Messrs United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited.
"The airline is to operate international flight operations to the undermentioned countries and cities: Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Rome), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (Houston), and Ireland (Dublin)."

The carrier will need to be granted permission and receive the necessary documentation from the respective civil aviation authorities before it can begin any non-stop services. Additionally, it must fulfill several requirements, including aircraft acquisition and safety demonstrations.

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Flying to the USA

As previously stated, Nigeria has a Bilateral Air Services Agreement with the United States, allowing carriers from both countries to operate commercial air transport services. Regulatory approval allows United Nigeria Airlines to fly to Houston, which currently has no direct connection with Nigeria.

This comes just two months after Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner visited West Africa. During his visit, he met with Emmanuel Meribole, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Aviation, and requested the establishment of direct flight connections between Houston and Nigeria. Meribole assured Turner he would work on the request once new ministers were inaugurated.

Nigeria can establish connections with the US under the current BASA and the US FAA IASA program. However, UNA will still need to liaise with the regulatory body and acquire proper licensing, which will be tricky. Simple Flying spoke to Airline Executive and Aviation Expert Sean Mendis. He said;

"Nigeria is currently classified as Category 1 under the US FAA IASA program, so Nigerian carriers are not banned from starting new routes to the USA; however, they will still need to satisfy both the US Dot Part 129 licensing requirements as well as the FAA operational requirements."

Currently, USA-Nigeria connections are offered by US-based airlines and are only available from two destinations. Delta Air Lines operates daily Airbus A330 flights from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) to Lagos Murtala Muhammed (LOS), while United Airlines operates three weekly B787 flights from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Flying to Europe

Similarly, Nigeria's agreements with the various European countries allow for several scheduled services. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and KLM all operate flights to Nigeria from their respective hubs.

UNA must meet operational and safety requirements to fly to Europe, and approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will be difficult. Additionally, the carrier will need to acquire high-capacity, long-range aircraft for the services. It only has four Embraer 145LRs in its fleet.

Sean Mendis added;

"Designation is the first step on a long journey. The airline currently operates only regional aircraft, so will need to add appropriate aircraft types for these services, as well as demonstrate operational and safety competence in compliance with both Nigerian and destination country regulations."
In cases of routes like the UK and Netherlands, they will also have issues obtaining slots at airports like Heathrow and Schiphol given the congestion and other restrictions in place.

For example, Nigeria's Air Peace has made efforts to launch flights to London Heathrow (LHR) but with no success. The carrier is now planning to launch London flights later this year.

Flying to the Middle East

Nigeria has no direct connection with the UAE. Emirates was a significant player in the Nigerian market, offering up to 11 weekly flights from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Lagos. However, the route was suspended last year because of a dispute with the Nigerian government regarding blocked funds.

Air Peace also operated flights to Dubai, but the service was discontinued because of the visa ban. Last month, President Bola Tinubu called for an immediate resolution to the rift between the two nations, which has affected airline operations and visa issuance for Nigerians. The regulatory approval granted to UNA supports the government's plan to re-establish connections with the United Arab Emirates.

Airlines warn about spike in fuel costs, Southwest narrows revenue outlook - CNBC

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023


  • Southwest, Alaska and United reported higher fuel costs this summer.
  • Prices have spiked some 30% since early July.
  • Airlines are scheduled to report full results in October.

Major U.S. airlines warned about a spike in jet fuel prices, adding to costs during the busy summer travel season.

Jet fuel in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and New York averaged $3.18 a gallon on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday weekend, up more than 30% compared with July 5, according to industry group Airlines for America.

Fuel and labor are airlines’ biggest costs. A spike raises questions about how much of the increase carriers have been able to pass along to customers this summer after fares fell from last year.

The higher cost forecasts come as Southwest Airlines narrowed its unit revenue outlook for the current quarter. The Dallas-based carrier said it expected unit revenue to fall 5% to 7% from last year in the three months ending Sept. 30. In July, Southwest said revenue could drop as little as 3% this quarter from last year.

“While August 2023 close-in leisure bookings were on the lower-end of the Company’s expectations, modestly impacted by seasonal trends, overall leisure demand and yields continue to remain healthy,” the carrier said in a securities filing.

Southwest said that it expects fuel to average $2.70 to $2.80 a gallon this quarter, up from its earlier estimate of up $2.55 to $2.65. It maintained its forecast for capacity to rise 12% from 2022.

Other carriers warned increased costs could affect their results.

Alaska Airlines said higher fuel prices will eat into its pretax margin this quarter.

United Airlines maintained its revenue forecast, but said it expects fuel prices of as much as $3.05 for the quarter, up from its July estimate of no more than $2.80 a gallon.

Airlines are scheduled to report quarterly results in October.

Toronto’s Financial Workers Will Finally Be Able to Work on the Subway - BLOOMBERG

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

Prices of luxury properties, especially, in the high-end have climbed steadily over the past few years in major cities such as Lagos and Abuja creating more opportunities for budding investors and Industrialists in the country as dollar priced properties rebound.

LEADERSHIP learnt that factors responsible for dollarisation of real estate transactions include: increased population of expatriates; foreign exchange market structure; willingness of expatriate tenants to pay in dollars; bulkiness of naira notes in huge volume transactions; and incidence of money laundering.

This is also coupled with the foreign exchange policy which has created a lot of vacancies averaging 30 per cent as supply outstripped demand in a market, which used to be an attraction to expatriates that come into the country for businesses and other official reasons,lending support to foreign capital inflows.

Nigeria’s Real Estate growth rate stood at 5.31 per cent in the first quarter of 2023, with a three per cent basis points decline from 5.34 in the first quarter of 2022. The total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for the real estate sector stood at 5.64 per cent in the full year of 2022.

The inflation rate in Nigeria rose for the fourth month to a near 18-year high of 22.41 per cent in May 2023, up from 22.22 per cent in the prior month. The development has impacted negatively on prices of goods and services including rent and cost of properties.

In locations like Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki axis, rents/sale prices are often quoted in dollars, hence incidences of dollar-denominated sale agreements. Prices for most luxury residential buildings start from $80,000 to $150,000 yearly or more in locations like Banana Island and old Ikoyi, Lagos.

The optimism of experts in the sector is based on the fact that previous multiple exchange rates created room for rent seeking and arbitrage, as well as distorted the exchange rate management system to the extent that access to the official window and lower rate was difficult.

But there is hope for increased supply of dollar currency in the market with the Federal Government’s new exchange rate unification policy. The CBN had pulled the plug on the foreign exchange (FX) market to allow gradual rates harmonisation around the Investors’ and Exporters’ (I&E) window.

Speaking on this development, Estate surveyor and valuer, Prof. Austin Otegbulu, said the heightened exchange rate crisis in the past years affected the performance of the market as most of expatriates that require such properties be it residential and commercial left the country.

Otegbulu, who is also a professor of Asset, Environmental Valuation and Investment Decision Analysis, noted that, with attempts by the Federal Government to unify the exchange rate, operators are optimistic for a rebound of the market, if the policy is well implemented to warrant massive return of foreign investors into the country.

He said, at the initial stage when investors returned, they may settle for serviced apartments. However, he said if they are convinced that there is economic stability and prosperity, that can trigger demand for luxury properties that are benchmark in dollar.

He said the market can only thrive on the forces of demand and supply and the ability of the renters to pay, adding if the economy cannot sustain the payment asked for by property owners, the demand may remain down.

“We once had high demand for such properties, when there were few serviced apartments that are compliant with international standards and mainly occupied by expatriates and representatives of big companies.

“When there is scarcity, the seller dictates the tune and people are asked to pay in dollars. But the subscribers find it difficult as the value of naira keeps depreciating. If somebody is earning in Naira and something he was buying for N160 suddenly becomes N720 to one dollar and finds out that the one in Naira has not changed, so most of them had to bring down dollar prices of the properties. The ability to pay in dollars is very difficult now,” he said.

Otegbulu said: “Most of the expatriates left Nigeria because their companies were not doing well again and so, it was difficult for them to sustain paying rents for dollarised properties. Even some of the grade A’ office spaces, which are green certified buildings, especially on Ozumba Mbadiwe Way in Victoria Island, when they were completed, the rent were about $1,200 per square metre initially but along the line, it became $1000 as the economy was down and at a point it came to $600 to $650 per square metre.”

“There was a situation of someone who was paying a higher amount in dollars, then they wanted to move out because the renter cannot afford it any more. The valuer who was close to the owner had to advise him that instead of allowing the renter to move out and the place becoming vacant, it is better to reduce rent and so he had to take the advice.”

He pointed out that the new monetary policy relating to the foreign exchange unification is quite laudable, but stated that it will take the economy to start witnessing the positive effects before it can cause a rebound in the real estate industry.

This is just as the head of Research, Diya, Fatimilehin & Company, Mr. Tola Oyenekan, explained that, when an economy is not doing well, the expatriates leave. He said that is why we have seen increased vacancies in luxury apartments as most of the expatriates exited their property.

Oyenekan said: “It is not just the unification, we are also looking at access. So, there is increased access to get dollars now because the limitations are not there anymore. I believe you can walk into any bank and request for dollars having removed the limit. You can get as high as $10,000 in a day.

“What that means is that there will be increased supply. There is more foreign currency in the hands of people and so, if you want to do transactions in foreign currencies regarding properties, you can actually do it.

“But looking at it from the investor’s angle, especially for somebody who has been getting his money in dollars or returns in dollars, gone are those days when you get your returns in dollars and you go to the black market and because of the disparity in the black market and official rate, you expect to have a huge difference to your advantage. This has given the black market operators a run for their money. Everybody is now operating at a rate that is similar.”

He emphasised that once there is increased access to foreign exchange, which is what foreign investors have always wanted, it means the market has become more attractive for foreign investors and that means foreign investors can do more businesses in Nigeria and rent more properties because some of the dollarised properties are actually taken and occupied by expatriates.

Oyenekan said: “What is going to happen now is that some of the expatriates will start coming back and what that means is an interest in luxury properties, hence, those prices of properties that are benchmarked in dollars will go up.

“For now, many of the luxury properties in highbrow locations in Lagos will have to allow the existing rents to run till the end of the lease. Maybe upon renewal of rent, the managers of the properties may have to jerk up the rents. The service charge of some of these properties will go up because there is already a rising cost of fuel due to the removal of subsidy, which will impact service charge on properties.”

He pointed out that there would be a reduced number of properties that will be benchmarked in dollars. For instance, he said if a tenant paid $10,000 for a property before, what that means is that you are going to pay a bit more.

A former chief executive officer, Knight Frank Nigeria, Joe ldudu, said demands for luxury apartments benchmarked in dollars in locations like lkoyi have slumped due to rising prices.

He said: “But now that we have just a single market, we will see what will happen, otherwise in Naira terms, everything becomes so heavy. Can you imagine such millions of naira in rent? It is ridiculous. They will tell you $10 million and that amount before now multiplied by N700, is about N7 billion.”

SPOTTED: UAE’s Statement On Meeting With Tinubu Silent On Visa Ban Lift - DAILY TRUST

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

By Seun Adeuyi

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not make any comment on lifting the visa ban imposed on Nigerian travellers in its statement on the meeting its president, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, had with his Nigerian counterpart, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Monday.

Daily Trust had reported how Tinubu proceeded to Abu Dahbi, UAE capital, from India, where he attended the G-20 Summit.

In a statement on Monday, Presidential spokesman, Chief Ajuri Ngelale, announced that the meeting with the UAE authorities was fruitful.

According to Ngelale, disputes on the visa ban slammed on Nigerian travellers 10 months ago, suspension of Etihad and Emirates flights were resolved at the meeting.

“President Bola Tinubu and President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on Monday in Abu Dhabi, have finalised a historic agreement, which has resulted in the immediate cessation of the visa ban placed on Nigerian travellers.”

“Furthermore, by this historic agreement, both Etihad Airlines and Emirates Airlines are to immediately resume flight schedules into and out of Nigeria, without any further delay,” Ngelale said.

However, Emirates News Agency, the official news agency of the UAE, reported that during the meeting, which took place at Qasr Al Shati in Abu Dhabi, Nahyan renewed his congratulations to Tinubu on assuming the presidency, and wished him every success in leading Nigeria and its people to further progress and prosperity.

Below is the full statement issued by UAE:

 President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan today met with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who is on a working visit to the UAE.

During the meeting, which took place at Qasr Al Shati in Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed renewed his congratulations to Tinubu on assuming the presidency earlier this year, and wished him every success in leading Nigeria and its people to further progress and prosperity.

His Highness expressed his hope that the two leaders will work together to reinforce ties between the UAE and Nigeria for the benefit of both countries.

The UAE President and Nigerian President explored opportunities for further bilateral collaboration in areas that serve both countries’ sustainable economic growth, including the economic, development, energy, and climate action fields.

The two sides also exchanged views on a number of regional and international developments of interest.

The meeting discussed the upcoming COP28 climate conference set to take place in the UAE later this year, with both parties stressing the vital importance of encouraging and enabling international cooperation to tackle global issues, including climate change.

His Highness underscored the UAE’s ongoing commitment to fostering ties with countries that share the same aspirations for stability, sustainable growth, and development and prosperity for their people. He further emphasised the particular importance the UAE attaches to its relationship with Nigeria, within the framework of its strategic vision for relations with the African continent.

The President of Nigeria expressed his pleasure to be visiting the UAE and affirmed his country’s keenness to further enhance bilateral cooperation to support sustainable development and progress in both countries.

The meeting was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court; Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Advisor for Special Affairs at the Ministry of Presidential Court; Dr. Anwar Gargash, Diplomatic Adviser to the UAE President; Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation; Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure; Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy; and Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

The meeting was also attended by the delegation accompanying the Nigerian President, which included a number of ministers and high-ranking officials.

US visa denials squeeze Nigerian students - BUSINESSDAY

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

BY  Chigozirim Enyinnia &Ifeoma Okeke-Korieocha 

A number of Nigerian students have seen their plans to study in the United States frustrated as their applications for F-1 visas were denied, BusinessDay’s findings reveal.

The visa denials have left some students in a funk as they also lamented the financial losses caused by the development.

A 24-year-old writer seeking to improve her skills through a postgraduate programme in creative writing was denied a US visa earlier this year.

The student, who declined to be identified, said she provided the necessary documents, which qualified her for an interview. “I was shocked when I was handed the rejection slip. The first thing that came to my mind was the disappointment this posed for my parents. After the time and expenses invested, it still was a failure,” Kike said.

She told BusinessDay that she had done everything she needed to do and provided all the necessary information for the interview to go well. She was just waiting for the green light to buy her flight ticket.

“I had looked up past interviews and prepared my answers because this meant a lot to me,” she said. “We were already making plans. To us, it seemed like a sure thing. After all, it’s just a student visa, and I was excited to continue my education there. I even got a great opportunity for a part-time job through a graduate assistantship program. You can imagine how much that would add to my experience once I finished my master’s programme.”

Kike said she had paid $350 for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee and N67,200 for the US Embassy visa fee.

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“After I had provided all these, and my responses during the interview, the interviewer simply looked at me and handed me the denial letter. I was shocked to get such a letter from the embassy,” she said. “Beyond the embarrassment of being rejected, I felt a profound sense of hopelessness for my future.

Chinaza Ofodum also experienced a visa rejection in 2022, which she described as “demoralising”.

“It was disheartening. Even though I had all the required documents, I still faced rejection. To be honest, I’m still perplexed by the reasons behind it,” she said.

Student visa applications are increasingly being denied by the US, according to research, with African applicants the least likely to be let in, according to a recent report by the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.

“More than 92,000 potentially qualified African students were denied visas between 2015 and 2022,” it said.

The report revealed that the refusal rate in West Africa was 71 per cent compared to just 16 per cent in southern Africa.

It said 31 per cent of applications for F-1 student visas were refused in 2022 – a “significant” increase from 23 per cent in 2015.

Rajika Bhandari, senior adviser at the Presidents’ Alliance, said the low acceptance rates for African students were a “missed opportunity” for the US because excluding potentially qualified and interested students runs counter to the country’s need to attract global talent.

“Turning away such large numbers of African students also limits the ability of US colleges and universities to benefit from a diverse population of international students,” she added.

Michael Ugorji, a travelling agent, said the interview appointment is the most challenging part of the student visa application.

“You can get admission to any university in America, pay your school fee, and every other thing, but to get a visa appointment is the problem,” he said. “Some people are even paying to draw appointments from different sides, yet they are denied the visa appointment.”

“Some people who are going for the August-September academic session are forced to forfeit their admissions even after paying the school fee as a result of the delays in getting visa-appointment.”

In an email sent to BusinessDay by the US Embassy spokesperson, the US Consulate said Nigeria sends more students to US colleges and universities than any other country in Africa.

“In the 2021-2022 school year, Nigeria sent 14,438 students to the US, the highest number of students in more than 30 years,” the spokesperson said. “In this calendar year to date, Mission Nigeria has interviewed over 32,000 students – with over 16,000 of those just since May.”

According to the spokesperson, the consular officers are trained to assess the circumstances of each student visa applicant, and student visa adjudication policies are consistent world-wide.

“All visa applications are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act and applicable federal regulations. International students are welcome in the United States and a top priority for the Department of State,” he said.

He said the consulate recognises the important contributions these students make to US college and university campuses, their positive impact on US communities, and the rich benefits of academic cooperation in increasing cultural understanding and furthering research and knowledge. 

UAE lifts visa restrictions for Nigerians - CNN

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

The United Arab Emirates has lifted a year-long visa ban imposed on Nigerian travelers, authorities in the West African country said Monday.

The restriction placed by the UAE last October was lifted following negotiations between Nigeria’s new President Bola Tinubu and UAE leader Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Both men met earlier on Monday in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and concluded what the Nigerian government described as “a historic agreement” that will also pave the way for the immediate resumption of flights between both countries.s

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on Monday in Abu Dhabi, have finalized a historic agreement, which has resulted in the immediate cessation of the visa ban placed on Nigerian travelers,” a statement by Nigeria’s presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale said.

“Furthermore, by this historic agreement, both Etihad Airlines and Emirates Airlines are to immediately resume flight schedules into and out of Nigeria, without any further delay,” the statement added.

Flights between both countries were stopped last year after Dubai’s Emirates airline suspended its operations in Nigeria citing trapped revenues.

The UAE’s Dubai emirate has been a popular destination for Nigerian travelers for many years but visas to the West Africans and nationals of 19 other African states were halted last year for undisclosed reasons.

FG Designates United Nigeria Airlines To Fly US, UK, 4 Others - DAILY TRUST

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

United Nigeria Airlines, one of the leading airlines in the country, has received approval for operation of international flights.

The airline secured approval to operate international flights to the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The approval was contained in a letter dated September 8, 2023 from the Federal Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development and signed by the Director, Air Transport Management, Mr H. T. Ejiburu, on behalf of the minister, Mr Festus Keyamo.

According to the letter addressed to United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited, the approval was in line with the subsisting Bilateral Air Services Agreements (BASA) between Nigeria and each of the countries.

The letter reads: “I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 2nd August 2023 on the above subject and convey the Honourable Minister’s approval for the designation of Messrs United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited to operate international flight operations to the undermentioned countries and cities: Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Rome), United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Dubai), United Kingdom (London), United States of America (USA) (Houston) and Ireland (Dublin).

“The designation of Messrs United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited is in line with the subsisting Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) between the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the governments of the six mentioned countries.

“Consequently, the airline is hereby advised to liaise with the civil aviation authorities of the aforementioned countries for documentation before the commencement of scheduled flight operations. However, you are obliged to comply with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulation (Nig. CARs (2023) Part A-C by taking further steps to liaise with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in fulfilling the requirements if necessary.

“Kindly note that the approval has been communicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its further necessary actions.”

Nigeria, others eligible for UK relocation payment - BUSINESSDAY

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

BY  Babatola Ayomide Victoria 

The UK government is offering a £10,000 international relocation payment to non-UK trainees and teachers of languages and physics who are coming to England to work.

The payment is designed to help cover the costs of moving to England, such as visa fees, immigration health surcharge, and other relocation expenses.

Here are the requirements to be eligible for the payment: You must: * Be a non-UK citizen

* Be coming to England to teach or train to teach languages or physics

* Have a degree

* Have recognized teacher-training qualifications

* Have at least one year of teaching experience

* Be able to speak English to an undergraduate level

Applications for the payment are open until 31 October 2023. You can apply online at the Get Into Teaching website.

The UK government is offering this payment in an effort to attract more teachers to England, particularly in the areas of languages and physics.

There is a shortage of teachers in these subjects, and the government hopes that the payment will make it more attractive for qualified teachers from overseas to come and work in England.

In addition to the £10,000 relocation payment, there are other benefits available to teachers who come to work in England. These include:

* A competitive salary

* Support for professional development

* Varied job opportunities

Here are some additional details about the eligibility requirements for the international relocation payment:

* The languages that are eligible for the payment are: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

* The physics courses that are eligible for the payment are: physics, astrophysics, and nuclear physics.

* The visa that you need to apply for is the skilled worker visa.

* The immigration health surcharge is a fee that you need to pay to the UK government for access to the National Health Service (NHS).

Nigeria-bound goods to be cleared in Cotonou - VANGUARD

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

…As Benin Republic appeals for border re-opening

BY  Emma Ujah,  Abuja Bureau Chief 

Nigerian importers who desire to import their goods through Cotonou Ports in Benin Republic will be free to do so legally, soon.

The decision to set up a clearing point for Nigeria-bound goods was one of the highlights of the two-day working visit of the Director-General of Customs Service of  Benin Republic Mr. Alain Kinkati, as contained in a Communique issued this afternoon, in Abuja.

The Ag. Comptroller-General (C-G) of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Mr. Adewale Adeniyi,  explained that the details of the framework were being worked out.

Under the arrangement, Nigeria-bound goods would be assessed and appropriate during paid in that country, with such duties credited to the Nigerian government, through the NCS.

Mr. Adwniyi described the framework as a great progress in sub-regional integration and trade facilitation efforts of his team at the Cuatoms, in collaboration with their counterparts from neighbouring Benin Republic. 

He added that he had “substantially reduced barriers around trade corridors as the number of checkpoints have been  significantly reduced,” working with the police authorities, with a pledge to reduce them to the minmum, possible. 

The Ag. C-G disclosed “the NCS is in the final stages of aligning its Information Technology (IT) system with that of the Federal Road Safety Corps in order to curb smuggling of vehicles into the country.”

Similarly,  the Customs boss said that his administration was “harmonising the list of prohibited items with  Benin Republic,” to advance the security function of the organisation. 

On his administration’s efforts to gain the confidence of border communities, Mr. Adeniyi said that his team would make the.communities its priority in terms.of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In his remarks, the Director-General of Customs Service of Benin Republic  Mr. Alain Hinkati, appealed the Nigerian authorities to open the border with  his country. 

He noted that the border closure was hurting trade facilitation between the two countries, as well as, sub-regional trade.

The D-G said that the two-day working visit was a time of Frank discussion to deepen talks earlier in his country a d that practical steps needed to be taken to actualize the objectives.

His words, “We need to improve our trade facilitation.  What we have done here is to deepen the discussions we had in Benin. We need concrete steps to have results. 

“The framework we are coming up with for Nigeria-bound goods to be cleared in Benin Republic and vice versa is the way to go to facilitate trade between both countries. 

“We want to ensure all obstacles to trade are dealt with.”

Also.speaking, the Ambassador of Benin Republic to Nigeria, H.E Adjovi Paulette, said that Nigerians and Beninoise were the same people,  as according to her, “it just like you have your room in Benin Republic and your.palour in Nigeria.”

She assured that her country was fully prepared to cooperate with Nigerian authorities to ensure trade facilitation between the two countries on mutually beneficial grounds.


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