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South Africa on Highest Alert Amid Heavy Rain in Flood-Hit Area - BLOOMBERG

MAY 23, 2022

(Bloomberg) -- South Africa’s government went on high alert as heavy rains battered parts of the eastern and coastal KwaZulu-Natal province that last month suffered the worst flooding in almost three decades during a severe storm. 

Some parts of the province were expected to receive more than 200 millimeters (7.9 inches) of rainfall over the weekend, according to the South African Weather Service, which issued its highest warning for disruptive rain in the region.  

“The current rains are compounding an already dire situation due to the recent floods,” especially in parts of the province where the ground is still saturated and susceptible to flooding, the government said in a statement shared via WhatsApp. In some areas, water levels on roads and in rivers are “dangerously high” and will continue to rise as the rains are only seen abating on Monday, it said. 

The government is working with social agencies and disaster management teams in the province to monitor high-risk areas, evaluate damage and provide relief to affected communities, it said. 

In April, the heaviest rain in decades triggered floods and landslides in KwaZulu-Natal that killed 435 people, destroyed thousands of dwellings, cut power and water supplies and disrupted trade at the Port of Durban, sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest container hub. The province is the second-largest contributor to South Africa’s $429 billion economy.


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