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U.K. Has Only Seen 127 Applications for Fuel Driver Visas - BLOOMBERG

OCTOBER 05, 2021

BY  Joe MayesBloomberg News

(Bloomberg) --

The U.K. has so far only received 127 applications from fuel-tanker drivers wanting to come to Britain, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson said illustrated the global shortage of drivers.

“What we said to the road haulage industry was fine, give us the names of the drivers that you want to bring in and we’ll sort out the visas,” Johnson said on BBC TV Tuesday, after the U.K. announced a program to bring in migrant drivers to address a fuel and supply-chain crisis. “They only produced 127 names so far.”

Britain has said it is open to issuing a total of 5,000 short-term visas to plug critical gaps in its labor market, particularly for the transportation of fuel following significant outages at gas stations. 


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