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Fact Check: Photo shows millions of dollars of cash seized in 2017 raid in Nigeria - REUTERS

DECEMBER 09, 2023

Facebook post (archived) includes a screenshot of a post on social media platform X by the account @Osint613 that reads in part, “#Breaking: Recent inspections of aid trucks destined for Gaza uncovered 50 drones, along with 50 launchers for firing munitions from the drones. Additionally, $50 million in cash was found.”

The same account posted another tweet the following day reading, in part, “I posted a story yesterday about money found on an aid truck entering Gaza, believing the source was reliable. I removed it a few hours later pending verification, and as of now no major press has covered it.”

The original image being shared was posted by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on its official Facebook page on April 12, 2017.

Authorities stormed a residential building in Lagos and found a mixture of currency including $43.4 million, 23.2 million naira, and 27,800 British pounds, according to the post, which includes more photos of the same raid.

The raid was reported by multiple news outlets.


Miscaptioned. The photo shows cash seized during a 2017 anti corruption raid in Nigeria.


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