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FG Restates Ban On Export Of Donkey Hide - INDEPENDENT

JANUARY 19, 2022

ABUJA – The Federal Government through the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) has restated its ban on the export of donkey hide or skin from Nigeria.

Dr. Vincent Isegbe, Director General of NAQS, who stated this on Wednesday in Abuja at a media briefing, said donkey hide still remains on the Export Prohibition List.

Isegbe revealed that some Chinese who engaged in the export of the donkey hide have been arrested, adding that the Police have begun investigations into the illicit trade.

Isegbe pointed out that it is clearly stated in the Nigeria Customs Export Prohibition List that donkey hide should not be exported as the animal is going into extinction.

He noted that the population of donkey has reduced greatly in the country due to the slaughter of donkeys and their export.

He said: “The slaughtering of donkeys is banned. The law is against slaughter, storage and transportation of donkeys.

“The law is against the trade of donkey hide. In the same manner, you cannot import any wet, dry, or blue hides or livestock into Nigeria.

“So people need necessary clearance from government, if they are going to do otherwise. And government will not give such permission.

“No Nigerian or foreigner is allowed to engage in this illegal trade. Donkey slaughter, trade, export is illegal in Nigeria.”

He noted that government is aware of slaughtering camps in some places in the country, adding that the personnel of NAQS had raided such camps, confiscated and destroyed donkey hide accordingly.

The Director General of NAQS urged Nigerians to rather open donkey ranches and breeding centres or farms in the country.

He further explained that Agency met with all the relevant associations in September 2021 to chart a course toward restocking the donkeys through breeding and ranching in order to put the animals beyond the threat of extinction.

Isegbe added that the government would consider delisting Donkey Hide from the contraband category only after the scale has tilted in favour of the recovery of the Nigerian donkeys.

It would be recalled that the decline of the donkey population in Nigeria was driven by surging demand for Donkey Hide in Asia.

The product is used in making potions and items presumed to have therapeutic and cosmetic value.


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