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London City Airport to Scrap Laptop and Liquids Rule From April - BLOOMBERG

NOVEMBER 25, 2022

(Bloomberg) -- Passengers flying through London City Airport will be able to leave laptops and liquids in their bags when passing through security from next year.

The hub, which is currently trialling one security lane equipped with next-generation baggage scanners, plans to introduce the machines on all its lanes by April as part of a partnership with Leidos Holdings Inc., it said in a statement Friday. 

London City said it will be one of the first airports in the UK to offer a full CT -- or computed tomography -- security proposition. 

The airport is popular with business travelers for its short boarding times and proximity to both the City and Canary Wharf financial centers. The UK isn’t the first country to introduce the new technology, though. Airports including Amsterdam Schiphol and Helsinki, as well as several in the US, have CT baggage scanners that generate a 3-D image that can be viewed and rotated on three axes.


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