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UK Sets New Date for Rwanda Flights Deporting Asylum Seekers - BLOOMBERG

JUNE 03, 2024

(Bloomberg) -- The UK government is planning to send the first asylum seekers to Rwanda in late July — should the Conservative Party succeed at next month’s general election.

Lawyers for the Home Office said in a London court that no flights would leave before July 24 at a hearing challenging the government’s flagship immigration policy. Claimants will argue that the plan would breach international human rights laws.

“This is all going to be subject to the outcome of the general election but we cannot make any predictions,” Judge Martin Chamberlain said in court on Monday. 

The controversial Rwanda policy to deport asylum seekers to the African nation is key to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s hard line stance on migration as he seeks another term as premier at the July 4 poll.

The UK’s highest court had ruled the plan unlawful last year prompting legislation cleared earlier this year that declared Rwanda a safe country to send migrants, stripping the courts of much of the power it has to decide on the issue. 

“If I’m elected, we will get the flights off,” Sunak told LBC Radio last month. 


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