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Tax paid by UK non-doms rose to £8.9bn in 2022-23 - FT

JULY 10, 2024

Number of people taking advantage of regime grew to 74,000 — but reform is looming

The amount of tax paid by people with non-dom status hit £8.9bn in the 2022-23 financial year, up 6 per cent on the previous year and the highest level since rule changes were introduced in 2017.

Statistics from the UK tax authority published on Tuesday showed the total amount of UK income tax, capital gains tax and national insurance contributions liabilities by non-doms had increased by £474mn in 2022-23.

The data also revealed an uptick in the number of non-doms to 74,000, up from 68,900 the previous year.

There is not yet any data on how non-doms are responding to the new government’s plans to abolish non-dom status and clamp down on tax privileges for those affected.

Since changes were first proposed to the regime in March by the previous Conservative government, advisers to the wealthy have reported an increase in non-doms deciding to leave the UK.   https://www.ft.com/content/7c3...


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